Lounge Bar

Your place for good sensations in the heart of Trier

While it has previously been common practise for the restaurant and bar to be split into separate areas, a "Homing" in the Plaza Grill has been called for.  Enjoy exceptional product quality, a glas of the best mosel wine and the most popular cocktail mixtures in a comfortable sitting room atmosphere.


Refreshing inspiration in the evening

Different lighting elements, high bookshelves and wingback chairs as well as a fireplace set a special scene in Lounge Bar during the later hours. The popular hotspot in Trier transforms itself into a stylish point of contact for hotel guests and locals who seek an atmospheric end to their evenings.

The elegant lounge of the Hotel Park Plaza Trier provides for a refreshing impetus with a cocktail menu that entirely represents the international mixology trend. Special fruits, beneficial herbs, chili, ginger, cucumber – all that is known only in cooking or the secret recipes of chemists can be found moving into the world of cocktails and drinks. Indeed, the classics such as whiskies & gins are anything but in the shadows here. 

Whisky Tasting

Our Special For You: 
A whisky tasting consisting of three whiskys of your choice, each 2cl, with one small tapas snack.

Gin- and Whisky Menu

Experience our variety of whiskies and gins that extends well beyond the standard brands!