Top quality foods

Because we wish to serve steaks of the highest quality, we place a great deal of value on the fact that the animals are autonomously raised in their natural surroundings with respect to their welfare and without feed supplements.

You can get to know more about our meat and their origins in the following:

Black Angus Beef

We offer you tasty, high-quality meat from the Black Angus Cattle. Choose between the unmistakeable quality from the USA or the high-quality Australian meat.


Kobe Beef - Exclusive from Japan

The meat of emperors and connoisseurs!
After acquiring the license, we are proud to present you the finest meat in the world.


Southbend 800 Degree Grill

All our steaks are cooked on the 800°C Southbend Grill.

The grill from the American manufacturer, Southbend, provides for even more grill pleasure!
Tender and juicy on the inside with a fine, nearly caramelised crust on the outside – through the intense heat of the 800° C grill specially designed for the preparation of steaks that unfolds the flavour perfectly while the juiciness of the grill wares is preserved.



Meat presentation 

Those who would like to know more about the meats and their origin as well as their preparation may be advised with a personal meat presentation at the table!


The SLOWMEAT name ensures meat specialities that are selected according to special criteria and conditions. The animals are raised in their natural surroundings and without stables. They freely move around in a natural environment and feed appropriate to their species; concentrated feed is not employed. They likewise go through their natural ageing process since they must reach a certain age.

The refinement occurs in a traditional manner and as a result, the meat attains the taste typical to the region of origin.