A warm welcome to the Plaza Grill Restaurant!

... more than meat!

High-quality grill specialities in the heart of Trier

Our Plaza Grill Restaurant is offering regional and international specialities (US beef, fish, vegetables) at the highest level. We serve exclusive and specially selected products for you thus ensuring the highest quality of our dishes. Our Nebraska Beef in particular brings us a uniqueness in the city of Trier. 

Not only will meat lovers find everything they could desire at the Plaza Grill. We offer vegetarians and fish fans an array of wonderfully seasoned grill specialities such as with the vegetables and goat's cheese or tuna and salmon.

Faithful to our motto "More Than Meat!", our Mediterranean Courtyard is enchanting and our Lounge Bar will provide you with quite a special atmosphere for feeling good. Relax with a regional Moselle wine in our wine lounge in the middle of the heart of the Roman city of Trier. In the Lounge Bar, delicate snacks, local beers as well as in-house cocktail creations will entice for an unforgettable pleasure. 

Come by and discover for yourself!

Mixology Menu

Special fruits, beneficial herbs, chili, ginger, cucumber - all that is known only in cooking or the secret recipes of chemists can be found moving into the world of cocktails and drinks. 



Well-chosen and market-fresh dishes for the day or in the evening! For a reservation, please call
+49 (0) 651 999 3-430.


Southbend 800° Grill

Enjoy exceptional steaks from the American Southbend 800 Degree Grill in the Plaza Grill!

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