Steaks from our Southbend 800° Grill!

- a pure indulgence -

With the Southbend 800 ° grill, the Plaza Grill has created a piece of USA that its guests can taste since many well-known steak houses in the USA use a grill from the American Southbend manufacturer that now provides for pure grill pleasure here! Tender and juicy on the inside with a fine, nearly caramelised crust on the outside – through the intense heat of the 800° C grill specially designed for the preparation of steaks that unfolds the flavour perfectly while the juiciness of the grill wares is preserved.

The meat is "flash-seared" on the grill at 800 °. This so-named "Maillard reaction" provides for the fact that the outside of the meat is caramelised and a wonderfully tasty crust originates that, at the same time, prevents the juices from escaping the product. According to thickness of the meat, the grill process lasts only a few minutes, the meat must be rested briefly (around twice the time of a barbecue at approx. 50 °) and then the steak is perfectly prepared. Through this extremely careful cooking method, the meat relaxes again and each guest will receive a steak that they will be astonished by.

The best grill alone can achieve nothing if the quality of the meat does not correspond to the high demands of the Plaza Grill. In contrast to many others, Chef Sebastian Winkler relies on the best meat from Nebraska. The cattle roam freely there in pastures that are inconceivably expansive in comparison to the European proportions. During the last months, they are resettled in the outdoor corrals where they are fed on maize. The meat is subject to the NHTC Programme (NON-HORMON-TREATED CATTLE) and stands for a cattle breeding that is completely free of hormone use. Moreover, the cattle receive no antibiotics and also no genetically manipulated feed. The meat owes its strong marbling and the distinctive aroma to this feeding.


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