Kobe - Beef

The meat of emperors and connoisseurs!

After acquiring the license, we are proud to present you the finest meat in the world.


Where does it come from?

In previous times, Kobe beef was reserved for the Japanese emperors due to its outstanding quality and is convincing through its unique fat marbling, its incomparable, slightly nutty taste and its tender structure. 

The meat comes from Tajima cattle that are idolised by the Kobe farmers and are likewise treated accordingly. In addition to multiple caresses as well as massages every day, they also receive beer and sake to drink. The animals are continually entertained with classical music. This long-term and stress-free breeding on natural pastures contributes to the absolute top quality of the meat. 

What does the certification stand for?

The Kobe cattle are similar to champagne: The name Kobe beef or Kobe meat is subject to territorial protection, which refers to the Kobe region in the Japanese prefecture of Hyogo. Only cattle born, fattened and slaughtered in the Japanese region may bear this name. 

Moreover, the meat is subject to stringent controls, which is why there are also only two quality levels for this beef, the A4 level and the even better A5 level. All that are within the A4 level are classified as Wagyu (Gyu = Cattle; Wa = Japan; Wagyu = Cattle from Japan) and may not bear the "Kobe" name. On account of this exclusivity, the purchase prices fluctuate between 300€ to 400€ per kilo.

Consequently, original Kobe meat is a rarity and is difficult to procure from outside Japan. By means of the licence approved in Japan, we have opportunity to offer you this pleasure in our Plaza Grill Restaurant. 

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